Get Your Printers Repaired By Office Tex

It is really hard to find a company that has an entire team of technicians on board that are qualified as well as experienced in repairing both new and old models of printing machines and photocopy machines. In addition, all brands have their own distinctive set of features incorporated in these machines, and to master that, Office Tex makes sure each and every worker undergoes training. This allows them to repair printers and photocopy machines in no time. It is also one of the reasons as to why when calculated, their success rate in repairing these machines and matching customer’s satisfaction level is above ninety percent. Customers are content with their services, due to their professionalism and the level of efficiency of their work.  An additional advantage of contacting Office Tex is that now they have an offer whereby customers can get the repairs done on the same day rather than waiting for weekends and off days. So, if you work from home and your printer is down due to an error that you are unable to fix, grab your phone and contact Office Tex at the following number 1300 663 789 and they will be at your door step within no time. This means that now your work shall not suffer anymore!

Some of the most occurring problems that customers often complain of include jamming of paper in the trays of printers and Konica photocopier repairs, resolve the streaky lines that come on paper while printing, changing toners and developers, fixing the drums, solve the error codes and see if there is something wrong with the transfer belt. All these issues and many more are fixed by Office Tex on a regular basis, as this is what they do. So if your printer or the photocopy machine at your office is showing some difficulty in operation, all you need to do is call Office Tex, be it for repairs, or for provision of extra supplies, they do it all and that too within affordable prices. 

If you want to have a long term working relation with Office Tex, so that whenever there is an issue in your machines, they can get there to fix them. For that there is an agreement of Service that shall be signed by both parties. This is way if nothing else; you are assured that you don’t need to look for reliable and trustworthy technicians for repair. Another type of agreement that they offer their customer is Fixed Rate. The only difference between this one and the previous one is that of the charges, as the name suggest, in this agreement, you decide beforehand the charges. This is mostly ideal for places where two or more business are using one machine and they need to divide the expenses if the machine breaks down.

Another way is to have your own printing and best photocopiers for sale, this way you yourself are solely looking after the expenses and everything else. In case you are looking for one of these, do check out the collection at Office Tex.

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